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Anyone willing?

Hi all.
Such a shock reading that quite a few of you are in the same boat as me...

I sent my phone to them on the 2nd December(stupidly). The phone was delivered to them the next day. I logged onto their website to check the status, and even now its still says "sent pack to customer". I left it for a week to give the process a chance, still nothing - no email or letter. I did receive an email asking me where my phone is and whether i was still sending it... So i replied to that email saying you have it and asking for an update... Still heard nothing...i started to panick, tried searching for contact details, and to relay what you all have said, you're right - its impossible to contact them.

Obviously i am very annoyed and upset and still relying on the money for christmas! i have decided to take it further... I notice some of you are taking to small claims? What are the fees for that? Alternivately my other option is to make a trip down there one day this week - i live in northamptonshire and i have my own car, would anyone be willing to come with me to get their money or device too? (If anyone is in same area or surroundings). i know this sounds a bit too forward, but if anyone is up for the fight we can exhange details or discuss further on facebook? I havent read all of the reviews so not sure if Anyone has already suggested this

Wish i'd listened to my partner in the first place. He told me to check reviews first. we have argued too over it :-(. But, we all can trust sites like this especially this site being on a comparison website!

Let me know, my email address is

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