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When looking for a price for my Galaxy Note, C4P were offering the best price on a comparison site. So sent my phone off, in bubble wrap via special delivery on 30/11/13. I checked Royal Mail website to see that the phone was received on 2/12/13, but when logging in to C4P my status was showing as "pack sent to customer". I emailed them through the website to ask for an update, they wanted my barcode number, which I did not have so just entered my order reference. Never received any emails from them at any time throughout the whole process. I was getting a little concerned by this. Came home from work on 13/12/13 to see that my phone had passed processing after they said it was received on 12/12/13, strange I thought. Anyway now the status was payment pending. Tried to log in to the account today to find that the website no longer works. I am pretty sure that is the last I will ever see of my phone, and I wont receive my £187 I am sure.
My advice to anyone else, research and check reviews of any company you use. If cash4phones does come up on any comparison site DON'T USE THEM.
I wish there was some way of tracking them down and getting my phone or money back, but I fear there isn't.

Update: I too have reported them to actionfraud. I have also found the print offs that I made, when their website was active, showing that the phone passed inspection and payment is pending.
I also have the original box that the phone came in, with the IMEI number on it. I am going to take all this down to the local police station and see if they can get my phone either traced or blocked, or both.
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