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A Disaster and Debacle

I bought a Clearone CHAT 60 U, and it worked - briefly. The problems began when trying to install and utilize their recommended programs to update the firmward/software. I wrote to service who recommended installing specific software and told me that the device doesn't work on USB 3's.

So connected through a USB 2 hub, it still won't work, altho0ugh the Skype options show it as the selected device, and the check program plays the speakers and hears the mic, but as soon as I try to make a call, everything goes silent, whether the speaker or the headphones to which I tried to revert.

I just can't use Skype except through the built in speaker and mic in the computer.

I regret the day I thought this would be a good idea.

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    Reply from ChatandVision Ltd.

    Dear Charles,

    Thanks for reporting this. We've not received any prior contact about this issue, however we will have someone contact you to help try and resolve this.

    Thanks for your understanding.


    Jennifer Hart
    ChatandVision Ltd.
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