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greatly disappointed with the service even before we received phones

I purchased 2 two new iPhone 5 16gb.. However instead I received 2 white.
I emailed my sales advisor and her reply was "Unfortunately you did" my reply being "i checked and checked again to make sure 1 of each colour" for her to reply with " I have actually just double checked you order and you were right"
Ofcourse I was right, I knew what I was ordering.

I then had to go through the hassle with the royal mail delivery service about refusing one of them for them to return to sender, which they refused to do.
I had to accept both phones, repack and seal 1, send it back to your company and pay for postage and packing.
To add to the hassle 2 additional £12.99 insurances where added, which was refused to cancel and I was told I had to wait & cancel it myself.
It took 4 attempts for me to finally get hold of a colleague on the phone which I was made to feel like it was my fault.
I have never been more frustrated and annoyed and I believe that this could have all been avoided in the first place.
I hope that this is not a sign of whats to come with your company
The customer service was poor and I certainly won't suggest this to a friend or family member.
I believe I should receive some reimbursements for the hassle, the postage and the continuous calls I had to make.
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