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Breaking & Entering Now Apart Of Their Service

I've ordered several items from a well known company for business advertisement. And each one being delivered by City Link (Professional Trespassing)

What the issue is with City Link is that their drivers are not educated in knocking on a persons front door before leaving a delivery with them.

Last month I ordered a box of 250 business cards. A couple of days later I came into my kitchen at the back of the house after hearing a noise and found my item sat on my kitchen windowsill in the rain. The driver had unlocked my back gate and left my parcel. They hadn't even bothered to come to my front door and I was sat in the front room at the time.

I contacted the company I had ordered from and City Link as my item has been waterdamaged. They informed me a replacement would be sent.

A few days later, the same thing happened again. Driver unlocked backgate and left item outside on windowsill. I complained to City Link who didn't answer any questions on why their drivers were trespassing on property that was clearly locked up, and not even bothering to come to the front door.

My item was replaced again, this time to be greeted with a driver with the attitude of a pubescent 15 year old male. He shoved my item in my face, told me to sign for it and he left.

A couple of weeks later I had to order an alternative item. This time the trespassing driver had returned. The driver banged her fists on my kitchen window, dumped the parcel next to the drain and was off, through the gate that she had unlocked again. I had ran into the kitchen with fright due to the nature of her abrupt delivery, with a shaken 6 month old in my arms and spotted her on my drive way.

So City Link, the next time I order and you have to deliver, if your driver EVER trespasses on property that is clearly locked and is not to be accessed by the public, I will file a complaint with the police. I HAVE A FRONT DOOR!!!!!!!!!
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