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My goods to Cape Town

Very poor service. I wanted to send a box of 18kg to Cape Town - the quote was £135. The box was collected on a Monday, and repacked into one of their boxes, I was finally told on the Thursday that the box weighed 18.9 kgs and the quote was now £210. I paid £35 to get the box returned to me. The whole thing was just a comedy of errors. Worst of all was their cavalier, take it or leave it attitude. Many quotes were similar, I went to these guys as they looked quite upbeat - they has emailed me after I browsed their site

If you are going to use this company as a small time user, make sure you read all the small print and quotation specifics. I won't be using them again.
    Compare Cargo Rates Ltd
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    Reply from Compare Cargo Rates Ltd

    Hello Pat.
    As you are aware you booked 18kg of mixed personal effects which we collected on Monday. When we collected your shipment, you had actually "overpacked" into a large "Walkers Crisps" box, the type of box that stores have multiple bags of crisps delivered to them in prior to them stacking on the shelves. These boxes are made up of very thin cardboard and in this case had already started to split. It is 5979 miles from London to Cape Town... thats a long way for an overpacked crisp box to travel :)
    With your agreement we re-packed it "FOR FREE" into a fresh box. Our boxes are "twin-wall" cardboard with dimensions of 50x50x50cm and even though your declared weight is 18kg, the original box was so overfilled that you needed to pay for 25kg of space.
    In common with DHL, UPS, Fedex etc you pay on either weight or the space you take up. On the front of our website in "very large letters" not the small print you refer to we have a button marked "about volume" that leads you to a whole page on this subject, with the last line asking you to call us if in doubt.
    To sum it up.
    I am the chap that actually got in his own private car last night ( through the rush traffic to your home ), carried it up three flights of stairs to your front door, and even declined your help to carry the box. ( being an old fashioned sort of chap, it was too bulky & heavy to just let you struggle with it ) I even called you on your mobile when I got stuck in the traffic trying to find you.
    Sorry to go on, but a bad review is one thing, other readers need to have the whole story.. so I hope what was written by you is not taken on face value.
    Kind regards and have a safe trip. Ian West. General Manager.
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