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Do not trust the cheap online quotes; Prices will significantly increase after they have your stuff

Used to send my personal effects to Bahrain. Appeared very friendly till they had picked up my luggage.
First, i was asked to pay £75 advance for the boxes they provided (advertised as free on their website), which was to be taken out of final amount; fair enough, i gave this and boxes arrived on time.
Once their driver took my stuff, it was bulk packed free of cost using shrink wrap and on pallets (as a favour to me) without my consent, and i was told that the volume has increased from 3.7 to 5m3 due to this packing so now i should pay in excess of £630, when their online quotation using accurate assessment was about £350 + £50 (insurance) = £400 in total. I even had their system generated online quote of about £500 (inc. Insurance) for just under 6m3 volume. After wasting time on emails, and many many phone calls to reach their manager, i was favoured again by offering a discount on billed price and their manager reduced the bill to £525 and since i paid £75 earlier so the manager confirmed that i need to pay a balance of £450, which is still significantly higher than their system generated accurate quotations.
Not happy with this but i was in Bahrain by then and had no option and decided to pay. Then i received the invoice of £525 from the person handling the case and not £450 as mentioned by their manager, and was asked to pay immediately otherwise the discount will be taken away. I paid in protest to avoid further delays to my stuff and asked them to explain this but since then neither the person handling the case, nor their manager have responded to my many emails on this.

I have even sent them a recording of their managers message to me confirming the payment of £450 yet they keep ignoring my emails. I even asked them on their online chat system to tell me the formal complaint method but as soon as i asked this question, no replies..

This is the most poor service i have ever seen so avoid at all costs if you can..
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    Reply from Compare Cargo Rates Ltd

    Dear Muhammad.

    I have read your email with regret and would like to respond one point at a time :

    1. You were asked for a small deposit for the boxes ( as you wanted 50+ of them ) but did not have any idea of your shipping date and frankly at £2.50 cost to us per box we simply cannot give them away at this quantity to someone who just walks in off the street.

    2. You had much more cargo to ship than you expected and hence this is why the charge was more. Its really very simple. The bigger the shipment the more it costs. The correct weight and dims were clearly shown on the "Ships Bills of Lading" this is a legal document issued by the Line and cannot be altered in any way by us. You confirmed you had read this and agreed it was correct at the time.

    3. Yes, we did give you a huge discount, just to keep you happy, but this discount took into account the payments you had already made. I personally explained this to you at the time.

    In summary. I have again checked the file. The extra discount we offered you in goodwill was given and you have been charged correctly. This whole matter is about £75, even when we gave you a huge discount and you were very happy at the time and was aware the bill was correct ?

    Regards Ian West.
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