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Our Move Went Well - Thank you Compare Cargo

My wife and I Tammy successfully moved back to Miami after 3 years in Blighty ( The UK for those who don't know the lingo ).
In March we did a lot of research into moving both our smaller items and our furniture back. It seemed such a shame to just leave over $10,000 of furniture behind just because we did not know how to ship it !!!!.
We did a load of ringing around and after we settled on Compare Cargo they supplied us free boxes and tape, this was a great help as these boxes would of cost us over £3 a box if we bought them ourselves from the shop. The boxes were delivered to us overnight by a courier which was also great as I would not of had room for that many boxes in my car even if had found anywhere to buy my own. The boxes turned out to be very well made cardboard and about 50cm square, about the same carry space as a large suitcase, and they where free !!
Before collection we had been dealing with a nice guy at Compare called Jack who supplied us with "packing list documents" these we had to fill in for USA Customs ( this meant when the ship arrived Customs already knew what we were moving and saved us a load of time )
Also a special thanks to Sharon + Mel at Compare who explained what we "had" and "had not" pre-paid.. this saved us buddles of $$ as we decided to keep the costs down and collect from Miami Port ourselves.. We rented a U-Haul Van and did this bit ourselves in a morning from the Port and it only cost us $100 with a Customs Agent to do the official paperwork on our behalf as that bit seemed a bit complicated even though it would of been free if we did it ourselves.
OK in summary.
It cost us £580 in total from our Rainy UK Door to the Port in Sunny Miami to move all the contents of our two bedroom apartment. This included : Sofa, Seat, two beds and kitchen items, but not washer ( as this was too old, and Tammy wants a new one lol ! ) we also sold the LCD TV on ebay before we went as its no good in the US and that was my moving treat !!. We also had 12 boxes of mixed household items and 4 suitcases. These Compare put on pallets and shrink wrapped for us free of charge.
In Miami it cost us $100 for a Customs Broker and the Port of Miami charged us $220 in something called "Terminal Charges". We did query the Terminal Charge with "Ramos" at the Government Port office, but was told "its Government Charge" so hey we are just the little guy... and whoever you us this seems to be a standard charge.. Compare in London did pre-warn us about this but it would of been nice for Uncle Sam to of cut us a break !
Bottom line is. The move went well, we got our gear in about 21 days door to door. Yes, i did read other Trust Pilot reviews before I wrote this, but I can say : We moved half way round the Globe, its not a perfect World, and we had to go through the hoops of US Government Redtape. But the kind folks at Compare did a great job, gave us free advice and free packing material and YES I WOULD RECOMMEND THEM TO A FRIEND :)
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