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Two man Operation. Don't know if this review is fair but...

I checked reviews for this site (but got confused with which got good reviews here). After placing an order, i was worried about the fact there was absolutly no sign of a delvery date on any of the invoices generated, plus the invoices looked a bit crappy, and had a really low small order no. (suggesting they don't do a huge volume of business).

I checked trust pilot again and realised that this company got terrible reviews.

Anwway i called up and eventually got through to them (they obviously have only one phone with no answer machine etc when its busy.... poor)

The guy on the phone was friendly enough, said the item was in stock but couldnt give me a delivery date. Due to the fact all the negative reviews said these guys lie etc, i thought it was best to cancel it, seeing as even though i asked 3 times he could not even say it would be delivered by next week.

Anyway the item was cancelled immiedtly on request which i got an email prooving.

I have given two stars based on the fact that this is obviously NOT a real company but a trader operating a very very small business. Due to that, and the fact he lists as much as a larger company, the fact he appears only to have one phone for the operation, no answering machine, no account system to verify orders etc etc, i would be incredibly wary about this company.

On the other hand he was 100% cool about me cancelling the order, which definatly earns a point!

Might not be quite a fair review as i cancelled the order, so take from it what you will. I orderd from another company, and it has already been dispatched! only a little more in money paid. If you want to take a risk with these guys i think it may be worth it if you are willing to wait, but i would imagine that after sales and support would be weak to non existant with only 2 people, so would advise against puchasing expensive monitors etc.
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