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Takes the guesswork out of Pizza.

When I order a take-away I like to know what I'm getting and from Pizza Hut I do. The product is not perfect but it is consistent and you do get what you ordered.

When I order from Pizza Hut I am not expecting something like an authentic pizza from Italy but rather the same pizza I received from them the previous time I ordered. After all, if I'm ordering again it's fair to assume that I like the product. This being the case, it's product consistency that is key to the customer’s pleasure and also their repeat business. I can also vouch that the product is so consistent that even in places as far as Mexico, Thailand, Cyprus and the U.S.A the pizza is the same. The menu choice may differ and the toppings may taste a little different but the amount of topping you get, the dough and the cheese all come together to give you just what you were expecting.

The only thing I would say on the negative side is that the dough is a little fluffy nowadays and has been that way for maybe a couple of years. I'm not sure of the reason for this but would guess at it being health related. I would dearly love to know. If this is that reason then I would remind Pizza Hut and its customer's that pizza is not a health food or indeed, particularly good for calorie controlled diets and dieters (believe me, I know!) so please change it back to the way it used to be if at all possible.

If people (me included) want to diet, then it’s plenty of fruit and veg, nothing fried. No pastry and a general reduction in all bready products (and Sweets of course) but certainly not Pizza. Pizza is for taste and texture and so more of that please and if the dieters want/need to be catered for then how about coming out with an all new healthier base specifically for them?

The fluffy dough situation did put me off the product for a while and so I went to Domino's but although their dough/base is firmer you never know what you're going to get as far as the rest of the pizza is concerned.

It is this lack of consistency that brought me back and I have every faith that Pizza Hut will improve the dough. I'm hopeful anyway.

Oh yeah, and one more thing I'd like to ask Pizza Hut. "Any chance of bringing the 'Sicilian' Base back again?"

Fingers crossed.
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