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Very very very slow, good prices but not worth the hassle

The order number above relates to an order for two new pairs, which were ordered early Feb and dispatched 26th Feb. So far so good.

Despite many enquiries I still do not have the other pair. The reasons I have been given are inconsistant and variable so it is very difficult to asses whither I will actually ever get them, it which case, as an organisation, they are no longer a good price option.

Despite being reasonably satisfied with the price and quality, (I have also had three pairs reglazed), I would not use these people again. They obfuscate and delay, whither this is down to their business model or simple incompetence I do not know. As I intend to do no more business with them I will never find out.

Update 21st April and guess what...I'm still waiting for my second pair. Off to trading standards next week!

Update 11th June. I am still waiting for one of the two pairs I originally ordered. They've got them wrong twice. So, ordered early Feb, still waiting. Beware.

Update 4th July. Well my final pair, one the the first two ordered back in February, finally arrived today. What's more the prescription was right! So if you are happy to wait well in excess of four months for your glasses then this is the place to go. Personally, I shall be going elsewhere.
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