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Good if you are a Buyer, Very Poor if you are a Seller.

If you have a problem on a purchase from eBay you are always protected so long as you follow the rules and use Paypal. You may, at worst end up out of pocket for the postage cost incurred in sending the item back but this is the chance you take and fairly minor.

As a Seller it is not a good place in which to conduct a trade for in addition to the high fees in listing and upon selling an item, you are at the complete mercy of the customer and should they wish to return the purchased item you have no option but to accept it back and refund the total cost including postage which can be significant in cases where the item sold is delivered abroad. I experienced this recently in a scenario where I delivered an item to Austria which was delivered to the delivery address stated in the eBay item sold notification. Upon the buyer not receiving the item I found that the address on the Paypal payment received notification email was different. Upon informing the buyer of this he admitted to not changing the delivery address on his ebay account and that he had not lived there for some time. By the time he had checked at the address and found the post office non delivery/collection slip and checked at the local post office, the time for collecting the parcel from the Austrian post office had elapsed and so the parcel was on its way back to me. Despite the buyer's error he was unwilling to pay the postage a 2nd time and so wanted a refund which I had to give. The buyer did however agree to have the item refunded minus the original postage but if an online Paypal managed dispute had been opened by the buyer and I had not negotiated with him then Paypal would have refunded both the item and original postage cost despite my having his admission of the error being his fault which was conducted through ebay messages. Paypal said the were not a party to the messages in ebay (despite Paypal being owned by eBay) and that this admission would not be sufficient grounds for them to rule in my favor as the item had not been delivered and signed for. Paypal also maintained that the fact that the incorrect address given in the ebay item sold notification was the buyers fault was irrelevant as even if I had sent it to the address on the Paypal payment received email and it had not been signed for I still would have had to refund the total payment.

In conclusion, should someone purchase from you through ebay using Paypal and not sign for the item or change their mind about the purchase prior to receiving it then all they have to do is not sign for the parcel or collect it from the post office and they won't be out of pocket a penny.

The fact that Sellers cannot even leave bad feedback any longer just adds insult to injury. If you can sell in any other way I advise you to do so. Hopefully another Auction site will arise and break ebay's monopoly at which point they might start to look into giving some acceptable level of customer service.

As a Seller I've spend hours talking to ebay & Paypal about annoying, low value issues such as the above and never to my satisfaction but this I now accept is the chance I take.

I'm very thankful that I don't have to use ebay or Paypal to assist in my making a living as if you count all the hours I wouldn't even be making minimum wage!

Basically eBay's only good for making money for ebay.
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