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If you need it - they've got it

Been using eBay for about 5 years now, mostly as a buyer. In the last 5 years and over 250 transactions later, I have only ever had one problem. This was resolved very quickly by eBay and they gave me an immediate refund. Anything I need I always look for it on eBay first, usually obtaining a huge saving on high st prices. My tip would be to always use PayPal, as this protects your purchases. If you are looking for a certain item then, on the right hand side of the page, tick the "auction only" box, as this will filter out a lot of the shops and mostly show the ordinary private sellers items. I have had some real bargains from "Auction only" private sellers recently. All these were unwanted gifts.These include:
New Ralph Lauren Polo Black EDT gift set. £23 (high street £60)
New Biorb Life designer fish tank. £150 (high street £280+)
New Amethyst Gold ring. 10g of solid gold £54 (high street £199)
Near New Fender Telecaster electric guitar. £240 (high street (£499)
New Davidoff "Champion" 90mil EDT spray. £19 (high street £42)
New Levi 501 Jeans. £14 (high street £50 - £70)
New 14ct solid Gold Aquamarine ring £24. Gift for her indoors. (yet to be valued but even the scrap value would be 3 times more than I paid)
All the above items were bought for my own use, not to sell on to make a profit, although this is always possible. But if you do this regularly eBay may list you as a business and you may be forced to pay business tax etc. I have also sold a few household items such as a digital camera, a HD camcorder, a few coins and some jewelery. My only criticism is that Ebay sellers fees are a bit on the high side. My tip for private sellers is DO NOT select a "reserve" price. If you do this then you will be charged a fee even if your item does not sell. If you want a minimum price for your item then select your "start price" close to the minimum price that you want. For example, if you want a minimum of £150, then set your starting price at £149. If your item does not sell then you wont be charged a " reserve" fee.
Lets face it, anything you could ever need can be found on this site and a bargain can always be found. It is sometimes also fun to just simply "window shop" or "browse" the various listings and something will always catch your eye. Another tip for buyers is to "browse" the private listings a few days after Christmas, its amazing the amount of brand new unwanted gifts that are listed at a fraction of their high street price.
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