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Why no negative feedback for buyers?

On the whole I am very pleased with eBay with one exception.
Why oh why have they stopped sellers leaving negative feedback for buyers?
I understand that some remarks were to say the least rude, but if ebay think they are uncalled for or over the top the buyer can have them removed.
I do sell on ebay and since this has ceased I have had a few nonpaying buyers, eBay say they do take action against nonpaying bidders but I have yet to see it.
Please ebay give us sellers the chance to give a fair and honest view of buyers.

I sold some paint on ebay and when trying to ship was told it was a prohibited item to post either by Royal Mail or any courier.
My buyer told me I didn't know what I was talking about just say it was DIY materials he does it all the the without a problem.
I contacted ebay who told me NOT to ship the paint.
The buyer insisted and arranged his own courier who proceeded to LOOSE the paint (In the end they disposed of it as it was on their prohibited list!!!) He then had the cheek to ask me for a REFUND.
I tried to help by phoning his courier in SCOTLAND at my expense my reward NEGATIVE feedback which eBay will not remove. He states didn't reply to his communications!! I have my phone bill to prove his remark was untruthful.
I was proud of my 100% feedback but it was spoilt by a cheating man.
I am unable to leave negative feedback for him.
Hence one of the reasons for my title to this posting.
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