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it's a bad day to be an ebay seller.

i’ve been an ebay member for over 7+ years. i have been loyal and almost always think of ebay as a means to buy something... i go to ebay.com whenever i need to buy something.

there are a lot of benefits for ebay BUYERS. there are great deals, a variety of products, and since it competitive the prices are very good. paypal has assured safety and satisfaction. so you do not have to worry about being scammed or losing money if you shop SMART. buy from legit sellers according to their history and feedback. another great benefit are "ebay bucks"; an award system that awards buyers a small percentage of dividend whenever someone buys something that can be accumulated and saved for future purchases. even though the percentage is extremely small, it is still some incentive to keep shopping.


there is a HUGE disadvantage for sellers. HUGE.
i am mostly a ebay buyer so i have not noticed, but sellers are basically robbed and oppressed by ebay. there are no longer listing fees if you put up less than a couple hundred listings... however, ebay takes something called a "final value fee" in laymen’s terms, ebay will take about 10% of whatever you sell your items for. then paypal takes another percentage of that money. so whatever you sell, you are only getting about 85% and that does not include the seller’s cost to ship the item.
another disadvantage is buyers can leave negative feedback and sellers cannot. a buyer can leave an ambiguous negative feedback like "F U" and ebay will refuse to take it off. even though it is offensive and has nothing to do with the transaction.

personal story: a buyer bought an item for me for a great deal. an item in NEW condition for half of what it is in retail. the buyer sent payment 6 days later. and i was busy at that time so i messaged the buyer that i wouldn’t be able to ship right away... the buyer ignored my messaged and filed for a refund. ebay awarded the buyer the refund AND the buyer got the item that i shipped. after sending 10+ messages to ebay showing them proof of tracking number. they gave me back the money. (it felt dirty because since the buyer got a great deal, i was the one who lost money in the end but i was fighting for that money even still)
then the buyer left me negative feedback with an ambiguous message. even after the buyer got the item and a great deal; i see no reason for a negative feedback other than shipping time. so i spent 2+ hours talking to ebay customer service who refused to remove the feedback. even though it had nothing to do with the transaction and it was offensive.
i suspect customer service is practiced outside of the states and they have NO IDEA on the culture in the STATES so they do not find things offensive the same way as i do. this is not their fault, but ebay’s fault for employing people that cannot understand and are insensitive.
it clearly states out of the many guidelines on their site that offensive and irrelevant feedback will be removed, but customer service failed to see that it was offensive.

in the end i was left with irrelevant feedback. lost money because the buyer bidded and got a great deal. and ebay took 10% of the final value and refused to listen to help me out. i have had 100% feedback for 7 years and that was tainted by a 3 month account that attempted to steal my money and take the item.

i understand ebay is always changing and trying to evolve. but the recent actions on the customer service department has made me upset and I will definitely do less business.. if at all with ebay in the future.

"hell of a way to end a partnership."
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