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Ebay from about 2007 ....now moving out....

Sorry guys, i use to play football with the guys at park in Richmond ))) but i will move out from Ebay, this last 2 years Ebay became really bad service....i move to play with Amazon guys..

1- Again and again. Guys....is not possible that you allow work with Parcel Force to sellers!!....please ....generate problems form the beginning of the order!!!!!

2- Before was easy to handle a issue with a seller. now is a infinite ping pong of emails across.........booohhh

3 - Is acceptable that you now protect the buyer, but there is no faster money back process.

4- The customer service became like a answer Machine for Spam.... just recommendations...etc.

5- No way...why so much sellers from China, and they is not advise correctly about 2 months of delivery terms?? Again as ParcelForce.....EBAY MUST AWARE the people in more about that.

Sorry guys...i have more of 839 starts
I afraid that i will not pass the 1000.
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