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After the Spainair company crash I lost a connecting flight from Barcelona to Alicante. A few days after the crash announcement I received a general mail explaining that one of the booked (and paid for !!!) flights was canceled and that I should contact the company. They did not say which company !!

Since 28. January 2012 I have sent 6 different mails to customerservice@edreams.com, reclamaciones.spanair@edreams.com and modification.cancellation@edreams.com and I have received NO REPLIES AT ALL !!

As a result I have been forced to make other arrangements as replacement for the lost flight and to pay for it, where in fact it should have been the work and service done by eDreams, who was quick enough to charge me for the flight when I booked….

eDreams is by far the worst company I have ever had the doubtful pleasure of dealing with. They charge your credit card right after your booking even though there are 3 months or more till the first flight, they do not reimburse the price for canceled flights and they never replies to any mails.

I have bought my last flight through this company and I recommend everyone else to consider using another flight provider.
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