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Used once - never again

First time I've used this company - I think they may be ONLY online. I found them while looking for bulk affordable weed killer, and they had a 5 lt professional product advertised at £25.01 - cheap ! I put it in my basket and left it overnight as I wanted to measure up for some polytunnel plastic the next day. Next day - the product had suddenly disappeared from my basket and was now £34.60. They said on phone that they'd got the price wrong. I ordered anyway. Now 2 weeks later - nothing has arrived. I chased after a week and they discovered the courier had delivered to a different address ( I have a totally unique Welsh housename and address, out in the middle of nowhere !). They couldn't contact the driver on the Friday, and said would call on Monday - no call. On Tuesday they said they had located it and it would be with me asap. On Wednesday they said flooding had delayed things - I drove through the exact area of flooding they claimed had foiled them to do my weekly shop - twice ! Now 2 weeks have gone by- constant waffle to placate me - still nothing delivered. I have told them I shall write as many damning reviews as I can. I shall pursue this to the bitter end - they have nearly £70 of my money which they were surprisingly competent at processing !

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