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BEAWRE - Disgusting Pasta and Inflexible customer service. READ THE SMALL PRINT!

The product are generally OK - but my recent experience leaves a very bad taste in my mouth, literally and figuratively. In the second week of Jan, I ordered over £100 of goods on a "bumper pack". I then received an offer email in Feb for the pasta and porridge pack so decided to try - although I had plenty left of my shakes from Jan. I received this on the 19th of Feb, and finally had a chance to try the new Pasta on 2nd March. BEWARE - IT IS FOUL. I asked exante for an exchange (which they wont do) or a refund on return - but as it is over 5 days since receipt, they wont do this either. So I just spent £180 this year and the only goodwill they will offer is a paltry 3 extra products on my NEXT ORDER! After spending almost £500 in total with them them over time, You'd think they would offer better customer service, instead of sticking to a rigid "5 day return policy" (Its not as if its fresh food that goes off very quickly). The reason I wasn't quick enough was because I had only just bought loads of their other stuff. Very Poor experience. I thought being a good customer got you a bit of good will these days.
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    We are sorry we were not able to exchange or refund you as per our terms and conditions, however if you should wish to return items to us in future please contact us within the five day return period and we will be more than happy to assist you.Thank you for your review.
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