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Super fast delivery and a great product

I've never really dieted for any length of time and I was having trouble shfting half a stone, let alone the full stone i wanted to lose. I have zero will power but this product really works for me.

I use the product 3 times a day, breakfast lunch and late afternoon before the gym or going home. I walk 50 minutes every lunch hour instead of sitting at my desk. When I get home I have a proper meal and even a glass of wine or two. In a month I have lost 8 Lbs which I find truly staggering. I went from 83.6Kilos down to 79.3 Kilos and it didn't even hurt.

The bars really are tasty, they fill me up for a while and are high protein. The milkshakes aren't very interesting but taste better if you add blue berries or other berries to them. The soups are good and sometimes you just need a hot meal during the day so they are well worth buying.

For me the diet only works because I don't deny myself an evening meal. I need something to look forward to when I get home. I steer clear of heavy meals and eat a lot more fish and plenty of veggies.

Either way I didn't want to faff around with lighter life, I didn't need to feel patronised by being forced to have a counselor which simply doubles the price. So Exante was a really good find for us. I think it will be permanently part of my life Monday to friday during the day and at the weekends I eat what I want.
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    Thank you for the review. We are glad you find the products are helping you and we wish you well with your continued weight loss.
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