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All milkshakes taste the same, powdery (even when electrically mixed) and very malt like. Same problem with the soups, even after adding chilli flakes I found myself gagging, the cereal bars are tasteless...even with the raisen and choc.
And don't even get me started on side effects...
: Bad breath
: Slimy film on my tongue
: extreme thirst...even after 2 litres or water and numerous cups of black tea.

In short, don't cheat...do it the old fashioned way!!!
    Exante Diet
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    Reply from Exante Diet

    We are sorry to hear you do not like the products. The side effects you describe are as a result of a metabolic change and the way your body burns fat. They don't effect everyone, and normally settle down once your body becomes accustomed to things. We wish you luck with your weight loss and thank you for the review.
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