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Cruel for first 3 days ....But it works

The first three days was cruel..I was always thinking about food but after that. It started to get easy...After 7 days i had lost 8 pounds so i thought i,ll go on another week and after 13 days I have lost 12 pounds... I started at 10 stone 10 pounds and now I am 9 stone 12 pounds...I will go on till I have lost the stone... People/Friends and family Notice the change ...But whats more importent I can notice the change...
    Exante Diet
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    Reply from Exante Diet

    Hi Brian

    I do have to agree that the first three days I found hard but after that the change is amazing.

    Its great when people start to notice and comment on your weight loss but nothing is better than seeing it for yourself.

    I love nothing more than reading our customers success stories, please keep us updated on your loss.

    Thanks Jeanette
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