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I would recommend to anyone who is serious about loseing weight.

The internet explains fully whay your getting yourself in for. If you do not have self dicipline its not the diet for you. It is what is says on the tin, next day delivery and straight into the diet. Non of this I will wait until Monday. I'm 8 days in and have stuck exactly to the recommended plan. Before I started I was 121kg, 1 week later 113kg. Obvoiuslly this is fluid but I feel great and the quick weight loss is helping me continue for a further three weeks. The shakes are a little synthetic but the porridge and soups are adequate and with drinking lots of water in bewtween they keep me going. The first two/three days was the hardest, now I'm in a routine its easy. I have porridge for breakfat, snack bar for lunch and soup for dinner. At weekends I have a shake for breakfast, shake for lunch and soup for dinner. I drink at least 3 litres of water throughout the day, sometimes more, including green tea and coffee with no milk. I tend to have my soup at 730pm. When I had it earlier in the evenign I was really hungry in the evening when I'm sitting around and not busy. I keep myself busy and drink tea and water bewteen lunch and dinner then have my soup before relaxing. I find personally this prevents temptation of eating whilst relaxing in the evening. Would recommend it if oyur planning to lose weight quickly, but its important to stick exaclty to the diet or you will not get into ketosis. Or in ketosis you will come out of it. The down side is bad breath.
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    Reply from Exante Diet

    Hi Paul

    Thank you for your excellent review.

    The diet is hardcore but when I did it I always said to everyone thinking of doing the diet if you want it enough and you can get past the first 3 days this is the one for you, which you have already proved it works and it works fast.

    Hearing from our customer like yourself makes are job here at Exante so worth while we love talking to our customers and helping them on their journey, even better when we see them as success stories on our web site (hope to see your story on there soon) let us know if you need any help or support from us.

    Well done and keep doing what your doing!

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