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My husabnd has noticed a difference in me...WINK WINK !!!

I had my doubts about this diet as anyone would, you here all the time how this diet is better than that diet , how youll never feel hunry again , lose 50 lbs in 10 hours, so i did what eveyone should do .....look into it , ask around see if you know anyone that has used Exante..and yes they did
So i gave it a go, my husband was alittle shocked at the price but agreed that i had done my homework and it was not a scam..
IT was the best thing that I have ever done... the shakes are great, soups ok, bars are the best, and if i could live on the porriadge for the rest of my life i would, i am happier, i feel heathier and i have noticed a difference in the way I look ( so has my husband...wink wink ..)
Ill let you know how I get on ..its week two and am feeling like i should and wish I had heard of this diet plan years ago ..
    Exante Diet
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    Reply from Exante Diet

    Hello Lisa,

    This is such brilliant news.

    I am so pleased that this has worked for you and you feel better in yourself.
    Please keep us posted with how you get on with the rest of your diet.

    Best of luck,
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