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I totally love the shakes and bars on Exante Diet.

I have been on the Exante Diet for almost 2 weeks now and last time I weighed myself I had lost 11lb. Next weigh in, in 2 days time. I have been having 2 shakes and a bar each day. I totally love them and have not felt hungry at all. It does not stop me wanting to have something but as I have quite a sweet tooth I have been surprised that I have not felt any cravings. I took their advise and cut down the week before and I have not even had the usual headache that you get at dy 3-4 on a diet. I have been drinking plenty water which obviously helps with filling you up and not feeling dehydrated. I did order some of the meals for a change but the ones that I have tried I would have to say I did not really like. I followed all the instructions but the carbonara and spag bols turned out more like a soup. I did however like the apple porridge but again it was rather runny and I followed all the instructions to a T. I will stick to my shakes and bars as they are yummy. I usually have a shake around mid day and then again about six pm. I tend to cut the bar into 8 pieces and if I feel like picking in between then I will have one or two pieces. I tend to eat my bar in the evening like I would eat a sweetie or chocolate bar. I find this suits me very well as its usually the evening that I used to pick the most. All in all a very good experience with the company and ordereds delivered promptly. I would recommend the Exante Diet to anyone interested in losing weight without the hassle of counting calories and buying food. It is all there for you already counted and packed with vitamins. xx
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    Reply from Exante Diet

    Hello Sylvia,

    Wow what an amazing 5* review.

    This is brilliant news that you have lost 11lb in two weeks, I hope you are feeling proud and great about yourself.

    Yes drinking plenty of water really does help you to not feel as hungry and give you bad head aches.

    I hope that you reach your weight goal soon and carry on doing what you are doing.

    Good luck Sylvia,

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