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Fantastic LCD at a fantastic price

As someone with PCOS i have struggled for years with my weight, all the regular diets didn't shift the kind of weight i needed to lose and was stuck losing maybe 2lbs a month if i was lucky. I tried the Exante diet after much deliberation, and lost 5lb in a week ! I carried on losing and lost a stone within a month, unfortunatly i made the mistake of coming off my PCOS medication in the belief that my losing weight would mean i didn't need it anymore, i became very poorly and had to come off the diet, i didn't put the weight on though which was fantastic. Fast forward 3 months and i am back on the diet and my medication and feel great, i am losing weight and although it is difficult preparing my families meals when i can only have a shake or soup i know it will be worth it in the end.
I have become less obsessed with weighing as you can see my body changing week to week and its a great incentive.
Thank you very much Exante for supplying this wonderful diet at the price you do, it really is worth double if not more and it has given me the oppurtunity to look the way i want to look and be in control !
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    Reply from Exante Diet

    Hi Ashley,

    That is an amazing weight loss and story! You must feel on top of the world! Never easy when your the only one on the diet and you have a house full, sounds like it's not held you back!

    Please share your success story on social@exantediet.com and you could win a SPA day for two and take part in a professional photo shoot.

    Keep up the brilliant work and good luck on your journey.


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