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Weight is just falling off!

I have never tried dieting before but after stepping on the scales and seeing 12st 12 I was very mad with myself! So I ordered a 4 week deal on Groupon (split it with my mum) so I have a 2 week one, which is the 600kcal a day. I must say that the first 4 days were HELL! I had headaches, felt dizzy, had no energy at all and just felt tired all the time, I was ready to give up at one point. I just kept reading all the reviews on here and that kept me going! its day 5 now and I feel fab! woke up in such a great mood, feel great, headache and everything else has gone!
I haven't really had time to exercise apart from a 40 min walk on the second day.
I love all the shakes esp. choc mint!, and all the soups (not tried veg yet) the choc & orange bar is yummy too!
My delivery came next day, for a little extra charge, I was worried as a few reviews said delivery was slow, but it depends if you pay extra or not which I happily did!
I have lost half a stone in 5 days! absolutely gobsmacked! I couldn't think of a better diet to be on, I was getting bored of the shakes and leaving a quarter or so every meal time but today I have had the lot.
Thank you Exante :-)
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    Reply from Exante Diet

    Hello Hannah,

    Thank you for your 5* review.

    Wow that is amazing Hannah, I hope you feel very proud with yourself.

    Yes it does make you feel you want to give up but when you get over the first days of your diet it brilliant!

    Half a stone in 5 days is amazing well done.

    Keep up the good work and let us know how you are getting on.

    Many thanks,
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