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I wasn't hungry and loved watching the pounds fall off by the DAY!

I have been doing Exante for just 10 days now and am down 12lbs. I have tried other VLCDs before and found them excruciating, but Exante was totally different. I never once felt weak or exhausted, and rarely felt hunger apart from the odd psychological craving! After a few days, when I had gotten into the habit, I found it so easy, and it didn't bother me to sit in the canteen at work while others ate huge meals and I had my shake!
The bundle I bought was the 4 week meals and shakes bumper pack. I must say, I was impressed with the taste of these at first. I quite enjoyed the Shepherds pie, the red bean chilli was good (except that the beans don't microwave very well and are quite chewy). Having said that, after a week or so, all the "dinner" meals began to taste the same, and I was sorry I hadn't opted just for shakes and porridge. I love the porridge and am looking forward to trying the bars when I order them.
Despite becoming sick of the taste of some of the meals, I am continuing with porridge in the morning and two shakes during the day, and am extremely happy with the results.
If you are struggling with motivation, I would recommend weighing yourself every day. The huge drops of between 1-3lbs a day really kept me going. I've already recommended it to friends!
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    Reply from Exante Diet

    Hi Keeva,

    Thanks for your great review.

    12lb loss in 10 days is amazing, well done! As soon as your into ketosis your hunger cravings are gone which helps with the diet!

    Im glad that you are enjoying your products from us, if your starting to feel like they taste the same add some spices and herbs to waken the flavour up. I hope you enjoy the bars, these will definitely satisfy any chewing cravings.

    Thanks for recommending exante and good luck with the rest of your diet!

    Many thanks,
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