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Really poor service and lack of communication.... and that includes from their MD

Firstly, I'm fairly dubious about all these good reviews on TrustPilot as elsewhere, all I read is negative feedback. Prior to sending my hard drive to Fields, I had read all the horror stories but still decided to go ahead.

I placed an inquiry through their website and had several calls from one of their account managers the next day (Louis Stanton-Rider). When I spoke to him, the guy seemed helpful enough and said the price would likely be around the £200 mark and explained the process. I then received an e-mail explaining the process and how I would receive a free diagnostic report within 24 hours.

Fine I thought and sent in the drive. I then receive an e-mail the next day confirming Fields have received my HD and I should receive a report within the next 48 hours (I thought it was 24?).

I receive nothing after 48 hours.

After this, communication goes a bit cold. I can no longer get hold of [name], despite being told he'll call me back, and despite e-mailing him several times. I ask customer service, only to be told my account manager has changed to [name].

I speak to [name] a few times who gives me hazy information to say the least about how the process is taking a while and the read/write heads are damaged, but says his colleagues are working on extracting the data. He says the HD will most likely need to go to the clean room and the price is likely to exceed £399 + VAT if that happens - What?? I say that's beyond my budget and he suggests cancelling the work, but I tell him no and for the team to carry on trying to extract the data. If it needs to go to the clean room, then I ask for him to call me and I can decide.

I take the decision to cancel the order and speak to [name] again who says he actually cancelled it anyway? He also says the drive may have already gone to the cleanroom to be opened up.... both things totally go against what we spoke about the previous day. I ask for the address so I can arrange courier myself as I have lost all trust in Fields by this point - I am told it has been e-mailed and then hung up on. After reading stories about people failing to get their original drives back, I was always going to pay a bit extra and arrange delivery of the drive myself.

I got my drive back in one piece, although they didn't bother to put it in an anti-static bag.

Overall, I think I saved myself a lot of money and more hassle. The company is unreliable and only bothers communicating with you when they want your business - as soon as they know the hard drive is going into them, it goes cold.

Avoid Fields and use a proper company like [external reference] and [external reference] who will maybe charge a little extra but will far exceed the service you receive from these guys.

UPDATE: On Monday 25th November I received a call from the MD of Fields Data Recovery who was keen to tell me he doesn't usually get involved in cases or speak to customers, however had made an exception following this review on TrustPilot. We spoke and I reaffirmed everything I had put in the original review and we had a chat about what had happened in this case - he was keen for me to change my perception of Fields and asked if there was anything they could do, to which I said no.

Following that, he informed me that my HDD had got into the clean room and their team were able to extract some data (20GB) but this obviously hadn't been relayed to me. He offered to send me the data as a gesture of good will and asked that I pay whatever I felt was acceptable, whether it be £1, nothing or £400 - all he needed was written confirmation for my data to be sent out. At the time, I was happy enough with that and thought it was quite a reasonable step for Fields to take, so I e-mailed confirmation and my address.

Now it goes cold again. I received no response to the e-mail confirmation I sent in the first instance. A follow up e-mail was sent on the 27th with no response. In a final attempt, I called Fields on the 28th November and asked to speak to the MD but was told he wasn't in the office. The advisor I spoke to said he would e-mail him and have him call me back. It's now December 5th and I've obviously received no call back or any kind of communication regards this data.

To have a poor experience with Fields' day-to-day staff is bad enough, but to suffer this same level of incompetence, unprofessionalism and lack of communication AGAIN from the company's Managing Director tells me (and should tell YOU) all you need to know about this company.

This company stinks from the top down. Good luck if you decide to use them, you'll probably need it.
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