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I was offered £53 for my ipod touch which was then revised to £30! Gadget Panda insisted that my ipod had scratches on the screen however It did not. After discussions with them I soon realised they weren't going to budge and understand that it wasn't marked. I took then £30 as I couldn't be doing with the hassle of fighting for my £53, however I wouldn't use gadget panda again.
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    Reply from Gadget Panda


    The scratches to your iPod were verified by two technicians. Unfortunately we can only comment on the true condition of an item which was reflected in the revised offer price. We have no reason to deliberately offer a reduced price for we also offer a free return service (unlike most of our competitors who charge ridiculous return fees). We do not hold our customers to ransom.

    This was clearly highlighted to you and yet you still accepted the lower offer rather than have the item returned to you at no charge.

    Please contact us again should you require further clarification.
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