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Yes, found what I was looking for.

Not yet received the item, so cannot comment on the time scale.
One slight problem which has not occurred before relates to my bank asking for 3 letters/numbers of my secret word when using a credit card.
You may have noticed this as I had to crash out of your site (couldn't go back) in order to use a debit card and then proceed with answering the bank question which, of course worked.
Not sure if it is a problem at my end as neither my wife nor I are aware of any secret word on our credit card account.
I will check with the bank and let you know if it is not our end.
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    Reply from Gas Boiler Parts

    Dear Mr Banks,

    Thank you for your comments and I am sorry you have had a problem with our banks payment system.

    The process you describe is a "feature" introduced by credit card companies to help reduce fraud. They call it 3D secure (although each company has its own catchy name).

    It is an extra layer of security that on on line shops are meant to enable in their payment systems. Not all websites have done this but you will see soon that the number that don't will shrink as the credit card companies start enforcing it.

    The idea is that in addition to the details from your card and your registered address they ask you to provide a secret word from which they will ask for 3 random letters (or the whole word) any time you use that credit card on line.
    Normally the secret word is asked for the first time you use that credit card (on a site that supports it) but if the credit card owner forgets the secret word (I often do) then there is also a link to allow you to think of a new word at which time they ask a few more questions to make sure it is your card.
    Think of it as the on line version of your pin number you need in shops nowadays.

    The upshot is that we have no control over this (our credit card provider handles that side for maximum security) and at the moment it is likely that you will find just as many websites asking for this as those that don't BUT it is here to stay and it's use will become widespread sooner rather than later.

    Here is a link to a bit more info about 3D secure and the different ways various Credit Card companies implement it -

    I hope this helps.


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