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Cowboys who break the law & do not want to help their customers. Avoid at all costs!

I bought an android tablet for my son last year for xmas. Bought it in Sept but he didn't start using it till Dec. It kept cutting out & shutting down and wouldn't take a charge within a month.
Contacted the company, sent the tablet back (at my cost) & paid to have them return a new one. This worked ok for several months but stopped working again about Aug/sept. Wont take a charge or turn on at all now and when it would work it cut out after a minute. Contacted the company again who said they were not willing to do anything.

I contacted Citizens advice and they advised me about the Sale Of Goods Act where they are responsible if goods are not fit for purpose for up yo 6 years and i shouldn't be out of pocket sending it or having it returned. They said i could send my tablet back but at my expense and i "better be sure" its faulty as they will charge me to have their experts check it and if its not faulty. (Good luck to them cos it wont even feckin switch on). I sent it recorded delivery. They signed for it on 7th Oct. I contacted them on 10th October as no one had even had the courtesy to contact me to let me know it had been received. I was given a very rude response just saying give us time to check it. I said that was fine but they could have had the courtesy to let me know they had it. I emailed again 2 weeks later as they made no contact and i didn't know what was happening. I contacted them again forwarding my email chain so they can see its me doing all the work but they were ignoring my emails. They contacted me last week (ONE MONTH AFTER RECEIPT) to say they have checked it and it has not been used properly and may have been mis-used! I am absolutely disgusted and furious as my son has respect for his goods and has certainly not mis-used it. Surely if it were damaged they wouldn't have taken a month to spot it? They are COWBOYS. They are ripping the public off and I would not trust this company or it's rude obnoxious incompetent Customer Service staff. I have even offered, at my expense, to have the item independently checked, I have demanded return of the item for this to take place, the company have ignored my offer and demand for the return of my property. I have asked for a copy of their so called inspection that they claim found the item to show signs of mis-use, again they have refused to respond to this request. Its my opinion they will not discuss the report or return of the item because they have carried out no such investigations and it is simply a case that they know the product is faulty and an independent test would prove this, thus proving their liability for the problems. I have also replied quoting Sale of goods act and have now contacted my solicitor, trading standards, watchdog and the police as they have my goods and are making no effort to refund me or return my goods and I intend to go through the small claims court now. They have no contact telephone number or direct email address to contact them. You have to use their online 'support' system which is an absolute joke. Their staff don't have a clue and don't care.

I contacted them via Facebook and Twitter and never got any response or acknowledgement!! It is all very shady! Avoid this company at all costs and please spread the word to anyone you know NOT to use them. Go elsewhere.

Apparently it is not just us. There are MANY people having problems with their faulty tablets:

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