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My experience with GiffGaff has been amazing.

I bought the £10 goodybag for 3 months and because i emersed myself in the community and helping others, I earned £56 in what they call 'payback' meaning that to that point I had spent -£26 work that one out!

I have also joined the blogging team and I can write about what I know (as I am an in car technology installation expert) which let's me earn even more payback as well as getting people to read my content
If the forum isn't treating you well, the owner (vincent) and all other staff are just a message away.

This truely is the mobile network run by you, you can either just use it as a network or fully jump into it and even earn your credit back and more!

I also get the same signal as 02 users and tend to never lose 2g signal (calls, texts etc) and skip 3g, I usually have HSPDA+ which is aka 3.5g.

I strongly reccomend this to anyone, if you need help or want to know more sign up an account and send a PM (private message) to me on the forum and I will reply back as soon as possible (stanj028)

Thanks for reading,
Jack Standen
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