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So, for people saying it's good for their money, saying that's good service, well I'm gonna tell you now, it's not. The reason why they do not have a phone too answer, they don't wanna hear thousands of poeple everyday complaining. I have been on it 2 weeks now and I have had 2 major problems!

1. Brought a goody bag, too add my blackberry service I had too pay for another goodybag and add-on for it too happen.
2. They have not activated my data service or nothing, so my credit is going down and down without me realising, now I cannot have my data service.
3. They do not reply too my e-mails at all, they do not contacts me about anything that I have questioned them.

Bad service, cannot get in touch with them, impossible infact. You call that a good business, when I want answer, I don't want it off a thousand poeple tallking sh*t. Soon as this month is up, I'm going back too Orange for sure!

Giffgaff, it can just go bankrupt for all I care.

If they had good communication and guided people through problems that may occur, then I would consider it. 2 problems in 2 weeks, that's a little much, do imagine 4 weeks, how many problems that gonna be, 4? No, I have had enough already.
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