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FRUSTRATION !!!! .when it work it works but the customer service is appalling

FRUSTRATION .when it work it works but the customer service is appalling if you have problems, warning warning, if it works don’t change anything.

1 Months still no results , HELP HELP HELP

Just so you know you cant phone Giffgaff, ONLY EMAIL them via your account portal on the web page . Giffgaf support has to be done via email only and all you get is communication done over several hours or days at a time .So it will take up to 24 hours to answer a question via your account portal , no alternative is offered .It feels like walking in slow motion for every question. You often don’t get the same technician so you end up having to explain it all over again and again again until your tearing out the last bit of tuft hair in your head . by that time you want to jump up and down on the Gaffgaff Sim card until it is carpet dust. I am not exaggerating. BE prepared for FRUSTRATION !!!!!!

I had a Nokie 6230 phone that worked OK on Giffgaf but foolishly I asked for a replacement Sim , since I wanted to put it in another phone and thought that would be easy peasy . However not so…. the Sim in the new phone did not work even thoughthe phone was unlocked to all networks as tested on some other friends Sim card (O2 and orange). So, I emailed the Giffgaf tech and he suggested I order a new sim via the LOST/Stolen Link he sent me . I clicked on BAR sim Only button, but Giffgaffs system managed to Bar my phone also ARRHHH . After sending questions to Giffgaf over many days, they asked me to supply them my EMEI number from the phone which they still have not un- barred my phone after 1 month. That is a straight forward operation for a Nokia 6310i
As I say if it works then leave well alone but if you expect them to help you with anything technical like porting your number over or anything other than simply grabbing a Sim with new number and topping it up then be prepare for a mountain of wasted hours trying to re explain the same problem to the technicians who seem to work from Canned scripts , most likely from India.
For giffgaff technicains if you get this review and feel like helping me then my account is alexadams
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