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Good When Its Running, Bad When It Doesnt!!!!!!

I been with them almost a year, the problems happen when you go from auto top up for goodybags to manual, the system hates it! Once your goodybag expires they penalize you by making you wait 24hours before you can choose another goodybag, the hint is purchase it well before your current bag expires or go direct debit, or wait 24hrs!
The agents are useless, system outrages happens a lot once every quarter was almost common. The community bunch are ok but they are geared up for commissions hence why they try to help you out with the basics.
The unlimited internet is a marketing gimmick its NOT unlimited as they advertise it, they have a fair usage limit and a lot of members have been barred as they thought it was unlimited lol!
I couldnt put up with there inconsistent service, i want them to take my money but they wont!!! Anyway my reason for leaving is because Tesco doing exactly the same deal i was on for £5.00 less lol, finally i can move somewhere else for cheaper and have better service :)
Finally opinion is GiffGaff is ok for short term stop gap between waiting for a latest phone on contract when you are out of contract and do not wish to renew but want to keep your number and handset until the latest handsets are in market. Thats what im doing or was doing until GiffGaff messed that up and thankfully Google helped me to find Tesco Sim Only deals.
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