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Terrible - a truly hideous experience

I signed up for GiffGaff after experiencing double-billing hell with Virgin, expecting something better. What I got was far worse! I was one of the unlucky ones who got caught in a website outtage so my recurring Goodybag did not recur. There was no notification of this and I did not get some rather important emails I was waiting for. Fair enough, they do not claim to supply a business-strength service but an apology rather than a load of criticism of me (the customer ffs!) and self-righteous gobbledegook would have been fine. Not only did my GoodyBag not recur, but I was unable to top-up in any way on my account - so effectively they managed to brick my phone!
Through all of these hassles there is no one to call up and talk to - you are forced to use their stupid forums where idiots who do not know what they are talking about and have nothing better to do spam you with useless and inane comments so they can get a few pence off their next bill!!! Or contact their agents who take 24 hours to respond and then give you an equally useless stock response which indicates they have not even read your question. When they finally do read it you will get a bunch of patronising garbage about how great they are and not much else.
When my phone finally came back on line after three days I was told that my Blackberry services (yes, I know, sad isn't it) would take another few days to resume, even though I had paid for them, but they weren't sure exactly how long...
I got on the phone to O2 - talked to a human - they had me sorted with a new account in 36 hours which has been sweet ever since and costs about the same!
If it were possible to give negative stars I would give them a hundred - DO NOT USE THEM THEY ARE TOTAL C**P!
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