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Law breakers and don't give a damn about their customers

As a giffgaff member for a long time I was happy with my service until I had a problem. This is where giffgaff fails. Spectacularly.

Giffgaff like to use the community of users to help people solve their problems rather than rely on a customer service department.

There are however a number of things that can only be solved by contacting an "agent" as they call them. This can only be done via the website by raising an issue on the site itself. No email, no calls, no immediate contact. You can be left waiting anywhere from 24-48 hours before you get a response.

After hitting a problem with their "goody bags" I had to contact an agent. Not only was I left waiting for well over 24 hours for a response, when they did respond it was nothing to do with what I originally asked. Nearly EIGHT messages later and I was no further forward. After about 11 messages, I finally got a response which more or less said, no, can't help you, not interested in resolving the issue n don't care. In short, they took my £15 n didn't wanna know.

If you want to be robbed blind by this company and have your money taken with no interest in resolving any problems you might have, this is the network for you!
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