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Started so well

giffgaff used to be so great, 100% community forum run and 100% community supported. Now it feels like a fast growing business which puts money first and member experience second. Most recently they have experienced numerous outages and ongoing issues. They use a member-get-member approach which is great if the service works well, but the moment the network goes down again, your friends and family look at you for answers.

The forum as mentioned above used to give that 100% community support for issues, but as the number of users has increased, it is just a scramble of copy and paste with a view for the 'supportive' members to just make a high band of payback. This payback is well deserved by some members, but others solely profit from copying and pasting finger in the air answers (an example recently was the full outage where a forum member suggested a user tries re-entering their internet settings)

It is understood that the reason for giffgaff's low cost is due to the absence of costly staff on the end of a phone, but even when the world is falling around you or the top-up system has triple charged you and left you without credit, you cannot call or message anyone in GiffGaff HQ to get a fast and pain free resolution and instead wait for days to get a full solution from agents who seem like they are outsourced to a company like Firstsource or Capita and also in most cases copy and paste half baked answers.

When the service is working and you don;t have any customer service issues, it's great value for the end product and especially if you want to use lots of data. Except the £12 goodybag which gives you half the amount of minutes compared to the £10 goodybag.

Maybe with a little more user consultation (theres some very smart members who could probably double the success of giffgaff for not much cost with their knowledge and ideas) and admitting when things have gone wrong (their last compensation for a 5 hour outage without calls or texts was £2.09) giffgaff could once again trump as a great mobile phone network. In no way should this review be seen as all negative, it's just a true account with the hope that people are listening.

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