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Rude mechanics, poor stock management, staff have "cant do" attitude. BE WARNED!

So, I had 2 tyres fitted to my 4x4, the remaining 2 tyres were to be balanced - although the driver quite rudely disputed this at first until he re-read his work sheet and decided that I was right.
The two new tyres were inflated to 45psi, 15psi more than the car manufactures recommendation. I didnt find this out until a week later as at the time I asked if he needed to see the handbook for the correct pressures he said "no" and that he knew what they should be. A classic case of putting your ego first I think! Theres no shame in not memorising recommended tyre pressures for every car in the world right...?

A few months later I order 2 more tyres as the fronts now need doing. On some 4x4s you need to match brands front and rear so that the central viscous differential is balanced, particularly at high speeds. The tyres have since dissapeared from the grippy website! So I phone them up and enquire. Im told that the tyres are now available but they forgot to make them appear on the site!

Back I go to the site and now book 2 more tyres to match the ones previously fitted on the vehicle. Done! That is until i get a phone call saying that they cant now get hold of the tyres. So they do have the tyres, then they dont have the tyres, then they do have them again, then actually they dont have them!

So ive already booked and paid for these tyres which dont exist. Im offered an alternative and assured they will be a suitable match to the new tyres purchased previously. Only problem is they dont seem to know what it is they are giving me. "Its either one of these or one of those" im told - being two different rated tyres. As they dont know what they are giving me they at least have the decency to charge me only for the cheapest of the two alternatives.

On the day of fitting I arrange to leave work early to arrive home for the 5pm to 8pm fitting window.
At 6.30 im phoned and told the driver is over 4 hours away, driving from Dover (to Hampshire) and that actually they are going to cancel my fitting! OK I think, come around first thing in the morn and that will be fine, we cant help bad traffic can we...
Im then told my fitting cannot be done tomorrow and the next available slot is on Saturday, 3 days later!

This is just plainly poor customer focus in the business. If something goes wrong you sort it as soon as possible. You dont put customers back to the end of the queue because you failed to deliver first time around. I need these new tyres on now so I can put some motorway miles on the car without damaging the vcu (differential). Im told by grippy that there is "nothing that they can do" which is the most useless, bailout of a phrase. Of course there is something you CAN do, but you are chosing the option that is most simple for your business. If you are in the supermarket and the till breaks, once they fix it they dont send you to the back of the queue, you serve them as soon as possible.

I cancelled my order and requested a refund which apparently takes 3 days! I then thought about it and if the driver was 4 hours late, for a 3 hour journey, he must have left his last job halfway into my time slot. Traffic or not he was never going to get to me on time. Be warned it seems grippy are over inflating themselves and booking more slots than time in the day! Read the other reviews on this site and it seems Im not alone. Before you buy from grippy ask yourself the question "once ive bought these tyres and arranged time off work - will I mind when they dont turn up and offer me a slot 3 days later so I can do it all again?". Then go to your local tyre shop.

Im going to have to do what I should have all along, drive to a local tyre shop, pay a few quid more than grippy for the tyres that I want, fitted in front of my eyes, done!

Rude mechanics who dont know their stuff, A flaky supply chain where stock is checked AFTER an order has been placed and paid for, Staff and business policy that have a "Cant Do" attitude. Surprised? Well you get what you pay for dont you?
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    Reply from

    Mr Farren,

    Thank you for taking the time to leave us with your review.

    Regarding the "ego" of the highly trained fitter that fitted your tyres on the first occasion, we will speak to him about his performance on this occasion and the appropriate action will be taken.

    As our website is fairly new, we do on occasion have teething problems and we will hold our hands up to this, however we do rectify these almost immediately. After having called us we did all we could to accommodate you as a valued customer. On this occasion it was a minor technical website error, for which we can only apologise. Unfortunately after having ordered these tyres, our supplier then notified us that they were unable to provide them so we offered you an effective alternative.

    On calling us to check the tyres that were going to be fitted on your vehicle you were advised that we didn't want to misinform you so we would contact the supplier to confirm the tyre that we had ordered was correct. This would have taken a while and so our phone operative spoke with management who then decided to refund you the difference to save yourself time in waiting for a return phone call to which you seemed more than happy with. Had you voiced your concerns at the time, we could have looked into this further.

    We do apologise for any inconvenience as a result of the appointment time, we deemed it unfair to arrive at a unsuitable hour to fit your tyres. Unfortunately, external factors such as traffic can have an impact on our arrival time and in some cases can cause a knock on effect to our other customers for which we can only apologise. We are currently in the process of introducing a new logistics system which will manage our bookings automatically.

    Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused as this was not our intention.

    Kind Regards,
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