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Long waiting time for goods, now 2 of 3 is delivered...

I put my first review into Trust Pilot on the 29th of January.
Couple of days later, Ms Sonia Harris from Infurn called me and informed that Artichoke is soon to be delivered.
I did not want to belive that yet, since I have had lot of promises from Infurn earlier.

But few days later the Artichoke was delivered, but its was very difficult to track this, and I had to do some investigation myself to get in contact with the norwegian company in Oslo that got this lamp into their warehouse.

And within one week later, I got the bill from the trucking company that they also had the Clock in their warehouse... this parcel they have hade for some days/weeks. Due to this I had to pay exctra cost to get this cleared in to Norway.
But now this parsel is also delivered.

But I'm still waiting information about my last lamp in this order. I have tried to get in contact with Infurn without any success.

Until I get the hole order delivered, I will only give a rating of 1 -one- star.

And Ms, S. Harris, if you read this review, please call me!


I got all the items in april/may 2012.... - Do not use Infurn!
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    Reply from Groupon UK

    Dear Rune

    Further to our telephone conversation of 2 February and today. You confirmed response from Freight Provider, goods to delivered as arranged with agents.
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