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Theft, theft, theft. Absolutely shameless reference to their cowardly Ts&Cs

Bah! Groupon what a terrible bunch hiding behind voucher expiry dates etc. and refusing to give me any money or credit back. I have given them around £120 and I have nothing to show for it!

Quite some time ago, I purchased two items from Groupon, one Dentist Teeth Cleaning session and something which sounded quite fun which was where you can get your feet cleaned by guppy fish.

Well, having great teeth anyway I did not ever get around to using the Dentist voucher and called for a refund one day only to be told that this was not possible and that it had an expiry. Ok special offers can expire due to moving prices etc so fair enough but still I had paid for a service which I had never used and the nice lady I spoke to said that she would refund the voucher as a credit to my account. Fair enough I thought - if ever I am feeling poor and would like a treat them I know that I have £100 to treat myself on Groupon. I tried to claim back for the Guppy Fish voucher but was told that this had been used - well certainly not by me! Couldn't be bothered chasing this at the time but is shows some fraudulence or inefficiency on someone's part as I have never had my feet cleaned by little fish in my life!

Anyway, I thought I would tuck the credit away and having kept an eye on Groupon emails recently trying to decide what to buy, I called up (to make sure that they would put through an intended purchase on my credit) only be told that the amount they had credited back to me had an expiry date and that there was no way I would be refunded as I was part this again.

I was quite incredulous at this and just think it is downright theft and that I should have logged on to my Groupon account to make sure that I was familiar with the terms or the voucher and the expiry. I thought I had a credit and not a voucher and why on earth would I log onto the sites when I can see all the offers on the email.

I think that this is an absolutely cowardly defence and that I have given Groupon £100+ and they have abused my trust and stolen it from me only justifying this through some fairly loose references to terms and conditions.

Definitely going to investigate this further and raise my example with other consumer magazines. I am sure that publications such as the Daily Mail would love to conduct a little investigation into these malpractices. Quite wary of giving this case to them in writing too and getting more of the same and wasting my time.

Really disappointed as was quite looking forward to an exciting new steam cleaner. Groupon is a widely traded public company with tens of thousands of shareholders - I am sure they many would be extremely disappointed at these malpractices.
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    Reply from Groupon UK

    Hi Sasha, thank you for sending this information to us and we would like to ask a senior member of our customer service team to contact you and work of finding a resolution for you. Could you please send this information to and also put 'Trustpilot' in the subject line. Once we have all the details we can look into this for you. Thank you, Groupon UK.
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