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Good Protection from a Company that cares about its customers.

This review has been updated to reflect my revised view
The Hatchbag for my wife's Sportage is a good fit for the car. It was easy to install and will provide the protection she wanted for the sides of the vehicle, the tailgate and the back of the seats and it looks good.
Potential buyers should note that the material used will protect the sides of the vehicle well but has a smooth finish which, although probably excellent to clean, makes the floor quite slippery and so you may wish to discuss with Hatchbag additional flooring options if you require something offering more friction.
There was no cutout for the boot light but Hatchbag has provided me with simple directions to do this myself, again I would advise speaking to them pre order to ensure that you get what you expect, had I done so they would have cut the light slot for me.
I was disappointed with the creases in the liner whan it arrived and felt that the package could have been better packed, however I believe that these will come out over time.
Would I buy again: Having dealt with this Company I would have no hesitation in buying again, however I would speak to them in advance to ensure I had the best advice before ordering.
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    Reply from BMB Hatchbag

    Hi Roger

    Thank you for the order and the Review, both are really appreciated. I am really sorry that you have some adverse feedback, I will try to address those issues.

    We design and manufacture our boot liners for over 400 different vehicles to give the maximum protection to the load area. On some designs the liner will cover 12volt Accessory Sockets, "D" Rings, Cargo Hooks, Seat Release Handles, Boot Lights, some Side and Under-floor Storage. As the main function of the liner is "protection" we do not want to compromise this by creating a liner that has openings to allow dust, dirt, dog hairs etc through to the boot covering. For customers with dogs, openings in the liner can offer a challenge to the dog and also an area for paws etc to get stuck.

    The fabric that we manufacture our liners from is really tough and has a nylon mesh base. I will email you direct with details on how to create an opening for the interior light. The storage area on the offside/right side of the boot on the Sportage can be accessed by releasing the velcro and dropping the side panel - this means that you can use the storage without contamination by anything in the boot.

    The base panel of the liner, like the liner itself is very tough - depending on the use that you have for the Sportage Boot we do offer a range of mats that are tailored to fit inside the base - if you need advice on which mat is best suited to your use then please contact me.

    I will email you direct about the creases you have in the liner.

    Thank you again for the review (Ralph Jackson, Sales & Marketing Director 0800 169 2464)

    HatchBag Update: Thank you for your update Roger - let me know how you get on with the modification for the boot light. Your input has been really appreciated, the advice to contact us pre-order is really good. We do sell a vast majority of our liners without any customer contact - HOWEVER we are very happy to help in "advance" of a purchase...
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