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Best company I have EVER dealt with!

I found HDew cameras after looking on the pro camera forums. I was about to buy an import Canon 5D plus an array of lenses, flash etc. Basically a very expensive kit. I couldn't justify paying full UK retail as the difference between the on-line prices and UK retail is huge. About 30% on average.

I was going to go with one of the Hong King based companies who have literally millions of positive reviews on-line but was concerned about what happens if something goes wrong. What recourse do you have in Hong Kong? I found several people who'd received damaged goods who suddenly found all of the communication had dried up and nowhere to go once their money had been taken.

While looking up peoples' experiences of the Hong Kong firms I stumbled across HDew cameras and emailed, then spoke to Shaun there. He was exceptionally helpful. I asked advice on the set-up I was planning to buy was given good advice that saved me wasting money. Which I was about to do! The price matched the Hong Kong firms and the conversation gave me confidence. Especially as the camera comes with a 3 year warranty. 1 year with Canon and 2 with Xtend. This was included in the price and Shaun told me to just contact them if something goes wrong. If you read the forums you'll find a guy whose 7D developed a fault after 2 years and HDew were fantastic in getting it fixed.

So I took the plunge and ordered a Canon 5D Mk3, Canon EF 50mm 1.4 lens, EF 70-200m f2.8, EF 24-105 f4, Speedlight 600EX-RT flash and some filters.

The whole lot arrived a couple of days later. The camera might be a European import but you'd never know. It has UK plugs, is set to PAL as default. I registered the whole lot on the Canon site with no troubles.

The only thing missing was the UK instruction manual so I got in touch and a new one was immediately put in the post to me.

Best of all for me, as I work in media, is that the company is UK based so I can claim the VAT back as well.

I have called and emailed the company many times as this was a huge transaction and have always received helpful and courteous help. The equipment was excellently packaged, each item carefully coated individually in bubble wrap and put together in a well padded box.

Usually when you buy from an unknown company you have to take the decision whether to take a risk on the after sales if the price is low enough. In this case you get the best price and the best service. No compromise.

I would not hesitate to recommend the firm. Why pay high street prices when you can save money while at the same getting the best service? I have 3 years piece of mind on the camera, great equipment and paid the right price. Really couldn't be better!
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