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Well I've bothered typing this haven't I???

If you're reading this, then I guess you're kinda already used to shopping online...
..you know, just using the internet, you probably use, say, Amazon all the time...
So here's my opinions on HDEW. For starters, this is only the 2nd time EVER, I've been actually bothered to write a review for a shop/service. You see normally, you order online, give your credit card details whatever, and the goods arrive...
Blah blah blah.... Why give a good review?! Whats the point?! It's not like you feel any particular human being is making an effort, to help you or anything. It's all so mechanical, soulless...
So why am I actually bothering to tell you something you already know? Well here's the important difference. You can actually phone the staff up, that's right, speak to a human voice! Not only that, but the people you talk to are polite, helpful, and are genuinely knowledgeable about the gear they are selling. This isn't some call centre (you know the ones, where you can hear dozens of other conversations in the background), full of people who are there purely reading a pre-scripted screen. No no, these are people that are actually there to help you choose what's the right product for you. You're phoning a SHOP, and you can tell. In an age of just filling in your details in some boxes on a PC screen, this is such a refreshing change. The prices are unbeatable. Grey imports? Yes indeed they are, but the cameras are covered by a comprehensive warranty, that is already taken care of and in place before the items are sent, promptly, out to you. No worries.
I wouldn't hesitate in recommending HDEW to anyone. I've bought 2 amazing cameras from them, and will no doubt be buying some new lenses etc in the near future. I'd MUCH rather be taking pictures with my latest Nikon than singing the praises of a faceless website/shop, so do indeed take comfort in my willingness to bother writing/typing this review.
HDEW: highly recommended.
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