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This has to be the best camera company in the UK

I placed my order on Thursday and I must admit that I was little nervous that a company can charge far less than other companies for a premium product. However, nothing ventured, as they say. The HDEW website looked impressive but not overly so that would possibly ring alarm bells, as others that I have seen and been put of buying from.
The person that answered the phone was polite and helpful. I was told that I would receive a confirmation email soon after I placed the order.
The email duly arrived and another followed on the following Monday stating that my order had been despatched.
I then recieved an email from the courier company informing me of the time slot for delivery on the following morning - Tuesday.
It is such reassurance that the courier company contracted for the delivery did so with speed and efficiency. My package arrived early and was undamaged - not even a dent to the cardoard box.
I mention this because it shows that HDEW customer care carries through from order to delivery.
I would certainly recommend HDEW cameras to anyone who wants good service and camera products at very competitive prices. Plus, I have a three year warranty on new camera. I will definitely buy from them again.
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