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£12 pair of shoes landed me in £500 debt. DO NOT BUY FROM H&M!!!

Back in June i ordered quite alot of items from the website for my mum because she cant work the internet! Everything seemed ok,everything arrived (over 3 weeks later might i add) and we realized that a pair of shoes were missing. We just assumed that they were out of stock and we ended up buying a pair elsewhere. About 3 weeks later i received a letter from H&M stating that i owed them money including charges for not paying for the pair of shoes. I phoned up H&M about this and they explained that they had put the shoes on a credit account for me. Em.. you opened a credit account without my permission and didn't tell me about it? i asked. Yes i know its a bit misleading said the call centre agent, "it's something were working on". I agreed to pay for the shoes and stupidly paid for the charges. I thought this would be the end of my experience with H&M. I was wrong.
From then on i have received debt letters and I'am now receiving letters demanding £500 in court fees, all for a £12 pair of shoes (which i have paid for) .
I have contacted H&M on a number of occasions and i have been promised they would contact the debt collectors to inform them that i have paid for the shoes. This has not happened. I have contacted the debt collectors myself and have sent in proof of my payment. Hopefully this will resolve it.
H&M are completely out of order and the service has honestly been the worse i have ever received. This is the thanks you get for shopping with them! With all this going on it has affected my exams and constantly sending emails and making phone calls has took up so much of my time.
Its disgusting and i would advise you not to shop with H&M.
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