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Apalling Shambolic Service

This review concerns the sales website of HP at www.hp.com/UK, the official HP store website.
I needed a laptop urgently as mine was failing, and after looking at a few sites found a very good deal at the HP store for a HP Pavilion g6-2139sa Intel® Coreā„¢ i3-2350M 2.3 GHz Gen 2 Laptop with extended 2 year warranty and free next day delivery. cost was £320 with a possible £40 cashback from Quidco. I paid with Paypal.
I ordered it, received an acknowledgement, but did not receive a dispatch e-mail the next day.
I e-mailed stating i needed it urgently and was there a problem with the order.
I received no reply to this e-mail.
The next day i got an automated e-mail saying the payment had been accepted and that a dispatch date would follow.
No dispatch e-mail was received.
I e-mailed again and stating the urgency and asking for delivery be upgraded to Saturday, or cancel it with an immediate refund.
I received an e-mail the next day stating the laptop was discontinued and the order would be cancelled.
I e-mailed asking for a quick refund and asked for an instant bank transfer.
I received an e-mail saying it was cancelled "either due to us being unable to verify all of your information, or that there was an error in processing your order" No need to verify a paypal payment, but there was certainly an error in processing the order. On the site that i found the deal on others had posted information which showed people who had ordered after me had received their orders the next working day.
After 3 e-mails and opening a paypal dispute i received the money after 3 working days.
So to summarise, they accepted orders they could not fulfill, did not send out the laptop the next day, processed later orders before mine, ignored my e-mail asking for urgent information, e-mailed saying it would be sent, then cancelled the order, then delayed in refunding the money.
In addition, from the site i saw the offer, one person has posted saying that his order was ignored for five days, and only after e-mailing them was told it was discontinued. As far as i am concerned that is verging on the fraudulent, holding money for that period.
At the very least the site is run in an incompetent amateurish manner with no consideration for their customers.
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