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If you think its convient think again!.

This site wants me to write as if I was writing to a friend, well here it goes.......

Hiya Joe Bloggs, just found a new takeaway via google and better still it's giving you £5 off your first order.

Hungry House seems to be very new on the market and nothing on par with Just-Eat, placed an order with one of the three restaurants they had listed in my area, waited 10 minutes and checked live status update, surprise surprise the order was still being sent. Managed to google the restaurant for its phone number as Hungry House didn't bother to list it at checkout. Spoke to a very nice man, name unknown. Seemed very apologetic for the errors Hungry House made. Informed me they had no live terminal and Hungry House actually phone them to state orders, this is why I probably didn't have a live update as staff member X was on a break or more than not dealing with the other orders they messed up. My takeaway phoned Hungry House,( wish I had the number, seems not to be listed anywhere!). They managed to speak to a human, well at least I think it was a human. Staff member X processed the order only after the takeaway and I chased the order up. Finally my live status update said order sent!. Now checking my order again I see a Hungry House have put the £5 discount back on my bill, this better be refunded or Trading Standards and Watchdog will be informed. Anyway I'm still waiting for my food, hopefully I'll get it tonight and the order will be hot and complete.

I'll let you know how the food was and if they issued me with my £5 back off my first order. But for now Joe I'd recommend you stay clear. Ok?.

Peace out

Added after meal.......

So Joe just got food from takeaway and the best part was the pop!. No kidding. The food was warm and I guess people who don't eat often or have no taste would of liked it but it was barely eatable, the naan was more like a chapatti and it was sweating inside foil!. I paid 80p for a popadom and it was broken, was advertised as popadoms so was expecting at least two. They thrown two starters into one carton!. Two different mains looked and tasted the same despite one being a Korma and the other a tikka masala. What a waste of time and money and worse still I have a practically empty stomach. Wish I sticked to Dominos or one of the vast range of takeaways linked with Just Eat.

Stay clear of Hungry House even if they tempt you with a free meal!.

Oh also they charged me 50p for using my debit card!. Rip off company.
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    Reply from Hungryhouse

    Hi Gregory,

    Sorry about this frustrating experience. Thank you for letting me know about it.
    Unfortunately, I was not able to track your order. From now on, I can only advise you to get in touch with our Customer Service.
    You now have several ways to communicate with us: either send an email with your order number to or even better and quicker, via live chat facility which you can access via our Facebook page. Try this, you will love it!

    Many regards
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