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Terrible service

So on Sunday I ordered and paid for some food, to get a declined order back. HH claimed that I would be able to use my payment again the same day, which it didn't. I thought it would probably be OK as have used HH before and made an order again the same day to pay with cash only to wait 30 minutes to be told that the restaurant was too busy. I have made three complaints and still haven't had my money back nor a reply. Absolute joke.
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    Reply from Hungryhouse

    Hi Pippa,

    it's disappointing to hear that your order was cancelled and that you had some problems with the refund. We found that order and already sent you an email regarding the payment issue.
    The money should have reached you or be with you very shortly. Also we added a £5 credit to your hungryhouse account as an apology.

    I also suggest, next time you try our new facebook live chat so you get live support from our customer service agents.

    Many regards,
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